Carol Wed’s Antony.

It Was a Beautiful Sunny Saturday on the 8th of October 2016 in Kitengela when these two love birds were united in Holy matrimony, Here’s a preview of What Went Down…

thandi-photography-4 thandi-photography-6 thandi-photography-7 thandi-photography-11 thandi-photography-29 thandi-photography-30 thandi-photography-32 thandi-photography-37 thandi-photography-42 thandi-photography-46 thandi-photography-23thandi-photography-51 thandi-photography-54 thandi-photography-55 thandi-photography-57 thandi-photography-62 thandi-photography-66 thandi-photography-77 thandi-photography-78 thandi-photography-80 thandi-photography-88 thandi-photography-92 thandi-photography-101 thandi-photography-109

From us Here at Thandi photography, We wish you all the best and a Happy Ever After…..


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